About LED Car Lights and the Store

At LEDchoice.eu you will find only the best LED bulbs for car lights upgrade. We work hard to select the best ones ant to make your choice easy. But you might wonder why replace stock car bulbs with LED at all? And how our offer is different from what you can find elsewhere? Below are the main points to answer these questions. Read our BLOG for more insights in LED auto lights issues.


The use of LED lights has become common in new models of cars. LED lights are now not only installed by manufacturers as red brake and tail lights, but also as white DRL (daylight running lights) in the front, amber turn lights, and in other applications. Older models of vehicles with filament bulbs can switch to LED as well. Replacing stock bulbs with aftermarket LED bulbs is the easiest way to upgrade your automotive lighting. No modification of the car is required. LED auto bulbs are superior to the stock (filament) bulbs in several ways. They provide:

  • Efficiency and economy. They use less energy than stock filament bulbs, thus they reduce car fuel consumption. LED bulbs run longer than the filament bulbs. LED bulbs are also more durable on the road.
  • Extra safety. LED auto bulbs provide clear bright white light in front applications to improve driving experience. In brake lights, LED bulbs are faster to switch on thus giving some extra moments to driver behind you to avoid collision.
  • Stylish look. White LED bulbs come in various tint, from bluish (cool white) to yellowish (warm white) and can be selected to match your headlights. Cool white sidelight and front fog light LED bulbs will better match your HID headlights than filament bulbs that are warm white only. Red tail, brake, rear fog light LED bulbs provide beautiful deep red color that is not available with filament bulbs. Cool white number plate and reversing light LED bulbs will look brighter and more modern. Turn light LED bulbs have fast switching on and off pattern similar to new car models lights.

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